When you’re new to cold training, the benefits seem endless, but are there any downsides to cold therapy? You may be wondering if you can get hypothermia from cold therapy. In this short article we explain this topic.

What is hypothermia?

Hypothermia, or hypothermia, can occur when you expose your body (long-term) to extreme cold without training. With hypothermia, the central body temperature drops below 35 degrees. This can have all kinds of dire consequences, from frozen toes and fingers to loss of consciousness. Hypothermia can even be fatal, so it’s definitely something to watch out for.

Building cold therapy

When you start with cold therapy, it is therefore important that you build it up slowly. By taking a cold shower and slowly building up the time in an ice bath, you cause your body to build up brown fat. Brown adipose tissue that ensures that you are less likely to become hypothermic. Brown fat cells contain many mitochondria, it gives the fat the brownish color. You can think of mitochondria as mini power plants that burn fatty acids and sugar to generate heat. In addition to building up cold exposure slowly, it is also advisable to practice cold therapy in company. Not only more pleasant, but also safer if something does happen. Gradually enter the cold water, it will eliminate the possibility of cold shock. Once in your ice bath, slowly build up the time to 2 minutes. This short time gives you all the health benefits of cold therapy.

Start ice baths at home

Educate yourself well before you start taking ice baths. For example, you can follow a workshop with a cold therapy instructor. Also consult with your doctor; ice baths are not for everyone.

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