The healing power of cold therapy is becoming increasingly well known. Back in 2014, research from Raboud University showed that simple techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, and cold training activate the autonomic nervous system and inhibit the immune system’s response. Yet, it took a long time for cold training to be embraced even by skeptics in the fight against various chronic diseases. Meanwhile, the Wim Hof Method is gaining ground worldwide, and many people are finding their salvation in cold training. They start working at home with plunge pools filled with ice and ice-cold water.

Cold therapy and the common cold

Those who regularly step into the cold water are less prone to catching a cold. How is this possible? Trained people produce more adrenaline through breathing techniques and exposure to cold. Adrenaline is a stress hormone released with increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system and suppresses the immune response. This causes the body to produce fewer inflammatory proteins when exposed to a virus or bacteria. Fewer inflammatory proteins mean fewer cold symptoms such as fever and headache.

Chronic respiratory problems and cold training

Cold therapy is also the answer for chronic respiratory problems. With chronic respiratory problems, you can think of COPD and asthma, for example. These airway problems stem from inflammation. They are chronic inflammatory diseases of the lungs resulting from an overactive immune system where healthy cells are attacked.

More and more people with respiratory diseases swear by the Wim Hof Method. They don’t need medication or puffers anymore and feel mentally and physically stronger and more energetic than ever. Many people with hay fever often go hand in hand with sneezing, coughing, and a blocked nose, benefit from cold therapy and dispense with their medication through their daily ice bath.

Cold therapy at home

Cold therapy is available to everyone. It will cost you a one-time investment in a bathtub or tub that you can use to perform cold training. Check out the different CoolCubes here.