One of our clients, named Isabel, has SEVERE COPD.
After a year of practicing with her COOLCUBE ice machine, she has improved substantially. Out of her gratitude I wanted to share her story with us, here it is:

I-N-C-R-E-I-B-L-E :

Incredible this is the word that defines the CoolCube ice machine, it has absolute healing power.

8 years ago as a consequence of a tuberculosis in a very advanced stage, I had very severe sequelae, generating a COPD forever.

They have been very hard years, with corticosteroid treatments, inhalers (up to five different ones in the same day) biological treatments, and my health got worse every day: greater difficulties in breathing, to have a normal life, without exercising, without being able to climb stairs, without being able to play with my children, my greatest wish in this life was to be able to take 20-minute walks with my children and climb one-story stairs without drowning.

Thanks to Win Hof I got to know the KHIONE CoolCube ice machine, at first being an unknown world for me I distrusted its effectiveness but my need to recover a small part of my normality led me to invest in my health, and as soon as I get it and start it, notice its result, a year later and having improved my health incredibly this year I thank God every day for having this opportunity to practice ice bath therapy with the KHIONE COOLCUBE machine.

Every day I plug in my ice machine and after a month of use I was able to take 20 minute walks and climb stairs without dying in the attempt, and of course my breathing has improved in an absolute way, and after a year it is wonderful and incredible how good my health is.

It is incredible because thanks to the use of COOLCUBE, I keep my inhalers and corticosteroids in a drawer, I have managed to have a 100% quality of life without using any medication, I just apply Cold Therapy every day with the ice machine.

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