The best and actually easiest way to start cold therapy is taking cold showers. You can implement taking cold showers at home, during your daily morning or evening routine. But -just as with most things- this too needs to be built up so that your body and mind can get used to the cold at their own pace. 

You can start by slowly lowering the temperature after a warm comfortable shower. The average lowest temperature of tap water is around 10 degrees. Slowly lower the temperature until you’ll get that uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to get out of there as soon as possible. Try to stay under that cold water for approximately 30 seconds. 

If you really want to start taking ice baths, try to keep up this routine for 5 days a week. In the second week you can practice the cold shower for 1 minute after every hot shower. In the third week 1,5 minutes of cold water at the end of a hot shower would be desirable. And try to reach 2 minutes in the fourth week. 

Always keep in mind to really listen to your body. 

When you notice that you are becoming comfortable with the colder showering temperatures, you can try to emerge yourself completely into cold water by taking a dip or a swim into natural water. Never plunge straight into icy water without preparing. Cold water exposure is intense, so always make sure to take it easy. Try swimming in the summer months first, choosing hotter days.

Please also take the below safety advices into account:

  • Do not swim alone (the first times), make sure you go with someone
  • Choose a safe place to swim
  • Don’t stay in the water too long: do not become overconfident 
  • Preparation and organization: make sure you have the right gear to use and wear after the cold water immersion
  • Make sure you have a place to warm up afterwards. 

If you’re excited for a frequent and easy cold water immersion, the CoolCube can offer the solution. You can simply install the device on every bath / tub or pool both in and outside and just set the desired temperature between 0 and even 35 degrees. Happy ice bathing!