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  • 10 year life-cycle assuming daily use

The CoolCube C2 is your go-to solution for quick and easy Icebaths, every day. The machine produces a 12500 BTU of cooling power, more than enough to chill your small to medium-sized tub to near-freezing temperatures. In addition to this, the machine also is capable of heating the water to 36 Celcius. The cooling unit can be used with any kind of bath, tub, barrel, or pond, and is capable of cooling sweet as well as salt water. Simply set the temperature to the desired number and the Coolcube will bring the temperature down (or UP) to the desired level. A thermostat function is available to keep the water at the direct temperature.

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The CoolCube C2 is a high-capacity water chiller that is powerful enough to cool larger pools. It is able to cool a 800 liter pool within 3-4 hours to near zero degrees. The working temperature of the machine is 0-35 degrees Celsius and can cool pools of up to 1500 liters quickly. The CoolCube C2 is made of high-quality components and has a general life expectancy of 8+ years (assuming daily use).

You can simply use your own pool or tub, connect your CoolCube and the water will be cold enough to practice Cold Therapy or improve recovery from hard workouts. Your CoolCube will be delivered with all components needed to start practicing right away.


Tips and tricks

Installation Tips:
  • The cooling power of the CoolCube is guaranteed. The effect on the water temperature is dependent on a number of factors such as Starting temperature, ambient temperature, water flow volume, installation location, lighting systems, surrounding heat sources, etc. Please take this into account when installing the machine.
  • The computer in the CoolCube will remember your settings, even when the power is switched off. So you can use a simple time switch, or any similar solution to cool your icebath at set times, or remotely.


User Manual

Please carefully read this manual before using your Khione CoolCube. This booklet describes how to correctly install and use the cooling machine. Click Here

Additional information

BTU Cooling


BTU Heating


Temp Min


Temp Max


Interface Size (mm)


Dimensions (mm)


Interface Size (Inch)

1 1/4


30 Kg

Dimension (Inch)


Rated Current (* Ampere)

4.5 – 5

Minimum Flow Liters/Hour


Power consumption

900 watt/hour in cooling mode

Noise Level

45-50 dB


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How do I start using a CoolCube™?

Simply connect the tubes between the pump and your CoolCube, put the pump in the bath/tank/small pool (under water) and turn your CoolCube™ on. It’s that easy!
It depends on the outside temperature, but usually a CoolCube™ needs 2 to 4 hours to reach freezing cold water. Temperatures as low as 1-2 degrees Celsius are simple to achieve.
Yes it can! Depending on the outside temperature it can reach 36-38 degrees Celsius which is similar as normal hot-tub-temperature.
Yes it will.
It consumes about the same as a fridge/freezer combination. Even if you practice daily, your electricity bill will not drastically increase.
  • Always make sure you have a viable method to regain normal body temperature after an ice-bath. This can be a normal hot shower, a sauna or the sun (if the outside temperature is over 30 degrees Celcius).
  • Study ‘Cold Therapy’. The more you know about Cold Therapy, the better. For us there has been only one mentor; that is Wim Hof.
  • The weight of a CoolCube™ is significant; the CoolCube™ C2 ways up to 60 kilos. The CoolCube™ C3 is over 80 kilos. Make sure you prepare the location of your future CoolCube™.
  • If you have little to none experience with ice baths and Cold Therapy, start slow. Meaning, max 2 minutes submerged.
  • Although the pump is vigorously tested and safe for use, we still recommend you disconnect it from your power-supply as to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.
  • Again; study Cold Therapy before you start practicing.
  • BTU Cooling - 12500
  • BTU Heating - 13000
  • Temp Min - 0
  • Temp Max - 38
  • Interface Size (mm) - 32
  • Dimensions (mm) - 730*400*580
  • Interface Size (Inch) - 1 1/4
  • Dimension (Inch) - 27.7*15.7*22.8
  • Rated Current (* Ampere) - 4.5 – 5
  • Minimum Flow Liters/Hour - >4000
  • Weight - 30 Kg

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