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  • The world first water cooled pillow
  • 3 year warranty
  • 10 year life-cycle assuming daily use

The Khione CoolPillow is the ideal solution for getting solid nights of sleep during those hot nights times of the year. Never twist and turn in order to find a new cool spot to rest your head. The CoolPillow consists of an ultra silent cooling unit combined with a cooling pillow insert available in various sizes to fit your pillow.

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Discover the Khione CoolPillow, your ultimate sleep solution for hot, restless nights. Combining an innovative water-based temperature control system with a cooling insert tailored to fit your favorite pillow, the CoolPillow guarantees a refreshing and peaceful slumber all year round. No more tossing and turning in search of a cool spot to lay your head.

Featuring an ultra-silent cooling unit, the Khione CoolPillow ensures your tranquil sleep remains undisturbed. With various sizes available, the cooling insert seamlessly integrates into your existing bedding setup, elevating your sleep experience to unparalleled heights of comfort and relaxation.

Embrace the transformative power of the Khione CoolPillow and bid farewell to sleepless summer nights. Experience the perfect balance of coolness and support with the Khione CoolPillow, your secret weapon for conquering the heat and achieving the rejuvenating rest you deserve.


Some Benefits:

Helps falling asleep quickly

When the weather is hot, falling asleep can be very challenging. Many people are familiar wit the experience of trying to find a cool spot to place their head.  The CoolPillowallow for a surface to cool the head and lull the body to drift off quickly to sleep and to stay asleep.

Calms insomnia

Waking during the night and not being able to fall back to sleep unfortunately is a common experience for many. The CoolPillow can aid by keeping the head cool during the night which will help curb excessive night sweats.

Improves mental health

A proper amount of sleep is the best medicine for good mental health. When sleep is broken and lost energy is depleted from the body and one is faced with depression caused by the lack of rest. Using a cooling pillow, along with a peaceful sleeping environment, will allow for the best sleep possible. Mental health is enhanced with each day that the body and mind are well rested.

Keeps you looking younger

Nothing like a bad night’s sleep to age the face. Just as the body loses energy from lack of sleep the face begins drooping with a tired aged appearance. A cooling pillow will increase the quality of sleep and in turn lift the appearance of the face and body.

Aids in avoiding metabolic diseases

Lack of quality sleep can lead to a batch of metabolic types of diseases. These risks include developing diabetes mellitus, stroke, and heart disease. Studies have determined that the danger for getting a metabolic disease doubles due to those suffering from not enough sleep. A cooling pillow may be a simple remedy to help stop the increase of these issues.


User Manual

Please carefully read this manual before using your Khione CoolPillow. This booklet describes how to correctly install and use the cooling machine. click here