Science behind cold therapy

Five scientifically supported reasons to start practicing cold therapy

Cooling down is hot! The internet is teeming with various experts claiming various health benefits can be derived from cold therapy. In this article we investigate 5 scientifically proven benefits of cold baths.

It trains your mind and willpower

Hard times make people. Using the power of the mind to do something extraordinary and challenging will make you a stronger, more balanced person.

Cod therapy challenges and trains your willpower and mind. Practicing cold therapy on a regular basis can have a knock-on effect into all areas of your life such as sports, personal relations and mental focus.

Always remaining in the comfort zone will leads to unfulfilled lives, where people feel like they did not reach the maximum of their potential.

It boosts your immune system

Many have heard about the recent Dutch study where two groups were exposed to bacterial infection, and one group practiced cold therapy, this group showed significantly fewer symptoms and effects of the bacterial infection. But how exactly does this process work?

The lymphatic system works supports your immune system to fend off diseases and cleanse your body. The lymphatic system pushes fluids through the body to get rid of waste like microbes and bacteria.

Cold water therapy causes your lymph vessels to contract, forcing your lymphatic system to flush out the waste. This then allows the immune systems to attack the unwanted substances in the lymphatic fluids, enabling you to become healthier and stronger.

It can reduce muscle soreness

Ever had a great day at the gym, or a fantastic run in nature, only to wake up in agony the next morning? This common issue is known, as delayed onset muscle soreness. This soreness is caused by microscopic tears and inflammation in muscle fibers that the exercise has caused.

Various studies have scientifically proven that cold water therapy helps recovery of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Cold water constricts the blood vessels which in turn helps reduce the swelling and inflammation and additionally numbs the nerve endings to bring immediate relief.

It helps you to lose weight

Regular practitioners of cold therapy have shown in various studies to boost their metabolic rate by more the 15% on average. The body needs to burn calories (increase the metabolic rate) to maintain internal temperature. Long term practicing of cold therapy trains your metabolic systems allowing practitioners to more effectively burn their calories.

An interesting finding in one of these studies is that the increase in metabolic rate is directly related to the temperature of the water. The colder you bath, the higher increase in metabolic rates.

It Resets your Temperature Regulating System

We all know is, some people are always how while others are always cold. This is due to the fact that from a historical sense, we are not experiencing a lot of temperature change in this modern age. The temperature regulating system is not trained to its full potential to manage temperature changes. 

Cold therapy practitioners never have this problem. Their system is trained and up to the task of managing temperature changes, making you feel less uncomfortably cold or warm and improving your general sense of wellbeing.