Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolCube™?

It is Durable, high-capacity watercoolers to practice Cold Therapy or aid in sports recovery.

How does the Coolcube™ work?

Simply connect the two tubes between your Coolcube™. Connect the pump to the lowest tube to provide water flow into the CoolCube™. Now put the pump and tube in any bath/tank/small pool, turn your Coolcube™ on, set your temperature (0-35C) and you’re done. It’s that easy!

Can a Coolcube™ also produce hot water?

Yes, it can! Depending on the outside temperature it can reach 36-38 degrees celsius which is similar to a normal hot-tub temperature.

How do I start using a CoolCube™?

Simply connect the tubes between the pump and your CoolCube, put the pump in the bath/tank/small pool (under water) and turn your CoolCube™ on. It’s that easy!

How long does it take for the water to cool down sufficiently so I can practice Cold Therapy?

It depends on the outside temperature, but usually a CoolCube™ needs 2 to 4 hours to reach freezing cold water. Temperatures as low as 1-2 degrees Celsius are simple to achieve.

Can a CoolCube™ also produce hot water?

Yes it can! Depending on the outside temperature it can reach 36-38 degrees Celsius which is similar as normal hot-tub-temperature.

If the outside temperature is more than 30 degrees, will my CoolCube™ still work?

Yes it will.

Does a CoolCube™ consume a lot of electricity?

It consumes about the same as a fridge/freezer combination. Even if you practice daily, your electricity bill will not drastically increase.

Tips & Trics
  • Always make sure you have a viable method to regain normal body temperature after an ice-bath. This can be a normal hot shower, a sauna or the sun (if the outside temperature is over 30 degrees Celcius).
  • Study ‘Cold Therapy’. The more you know about Cold Therapy, the better. For us there has been only one mentor; that is Wim Hof.
  • The weight of a CoolCube™ is significant; the CoolCube™ C2 ways up to 60 kilos. The CoolCube™ C3 is over 80 kilos. Make sure you prepare the location of your future CoolCube™.
  • If you have little to none experience with ice baths and Cold Therapy, start slow. Meaning, max 2 minutes submerged.
  • Although the pump is vigorously tested and safe for use, we still recommend you disconnect it from your power-supply as to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.
  • Again; study Cold Therapy before you start practicing.