CoolCubeDIY Ice-Bath pack

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  • 3 year warranty
  • 10 year life-cycle assuming daily use

Step into a world of refreshing transformation with the CoolCube DIY Icebath Pack, the ultimate kit for those looking to integrate the art of cold therapy into their daily regimen. This kit is ingeniously designed to empower you to effortlessly transform any standard bath or tub into a sophisticated, temperature-controlled ice bath oasis, cooling down to a crisp 0 degrees Celsius and warming up to a soothing 35 degrees Celsius.

Your perfect chill is just a selection away – please choose from the CoolCube C1, C2, C3, or C4 models to find the chiller that aligns with your cooling needs.

  • Cools the Water Down to 0 Celsius (37F) 
  • Heats the Water Up to 35 Celsius (105F)
  • Features Advanced Filtration 
  • Minimal Maintenance requirements
  • Plug and Play – easy to set up and install
  • WiFi-enabled Control System
  • Indoor and outdoor use (-10C/14F)
  • Industrial-grade Components
  • Three year standard warranty
  • Suitable for starters and experienced practitioners


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Discover the CoolCube DIY Ice-bath Pack:

Within this all-in-one set, you’ll find a state-of-the-art CoolCube ice bath chiller, a high-efficiency filter pump, and an Intex pool In- and Outlet set complete with aero hydration. To top it off, we’ve included all the connecting hoses you’ll need. This kit is ingeniously designed to empower you to effortlessly transform any standard bath or tub into a sophisticated, temperature-controlled ice bath oasis, cooling down to a crisp 0 degrees Celsius and warming up to a soothing 35 degrees Celsius. This set comes with a Wifi controlled power plug to control your CoolCube remotely through an app that allows you to set timers or turn the set on and off.

Installation Is a Breeze:

  1. Drilling with Ease: Just two 67mm holes stand between you and your new ice bath haven. Grab your drill, and you’re halfway there.
  2. Screw-In Simplicity: Our Intex In- and Outlet set screws directly into place, waving goodbye to the need for messy adhesives.
  3. Hose Connectivity: Link up the sturdy hoses to the filter pump and your preferred CoolCube chiller, and you’re nearly at the finish line.
  4. Commence the Chill: Activate your CoolCube and witness the transformation. Whether you’re in the mood for the invigorating bite of an ice bath or the gentle embrace of a warm bath, your wish is CoolCube’s command.

Choose Your CoolCube:

Choose the CoolCube that aligns with your needs: the C1 for a compact and personal use, the C2 for efficient cooling in small to medium spaces, the C3 for larger setups requiring swift temperature control, or the C4 for professional-grade cooling power in commercial spaces. Each model is crafted to provide a tailored ice bath experience, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your cooling journey.

Why the CoolCube DIY Icebath Pack?

  • Convenience Redefined: Forget the ice runs and the anticipation of cooling. Your personalized ice bath is ready on-demand.
  • Tailored Efficiency: With four CoolCube variants at your disposal, pinpoint the exact cooling capacity your setup demands.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Each component promises long-term durability and top-tier performance, ensuring your setup remains a staple of your wellness routine.

The CoolCube DIY Icebath Pack is more than a product—it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It’s about bringing the scientifically proven benefits of cold therapy—like enhanced circulation, expedited muscle recovery, and improved mental strength—right to your doorstep.

Note: All you need is a drill saw to get started. After that, our user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation.

So why wait? Dive into the crisp, therapeutic waters of cold therapy or indulge in the comforting warmth with the CoolCube DIY Icebath Pack. Make your selection, set up effortlessly, and immerse yourself in a world of well-being that only CoolCube can deliver.

User Manual

Please carefully read this manual before using your Khione CoolCube. This booklet describes how to correctly install and use the cooling machine. Click Here

Additional information

Temp Max


Temp Min


Dimensions (mm)


Noise Level

50-55 dB


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How do I start using a CoolCube™?

Simply connect the tubes between the pump and your CoolCube, put the pump in the bath/tank/small pool (under water) and turn your CoolCube™ on. It’s that easy!
It depends on the outside temperature, but usually a CoolCube™ needs 2 to 4 hours to reach freezing cold water. Temperatures as low as 1-2 degrees Celsius are simple to achieve.
Yes it can! Depending on the outside temperature it can reach 36-38 degrees Celsius which is similar as normal hot-tub-temperature.
Yes it will.
It consumes about the same as a fridge/freezer combination. Even if you practice daily, your electricity bill will not drastically increase.
  • Always make sure you have a viable method to regain normal body temperature after an ice-bath. This can be a normal hot shower, a sauna or the sun (if the outside temperature is over 30 degrees Celcius).
  • Study ‘Cold Therapy’. The more you know about Cold Therapy, the better. For us there has been only one mentor; that is Wim Hof.
  • The weight of a CoolCube™ is significant; the CoolCube™ C2 ways up to 60 kilos. The CoolCube™ C3 is over 80 kilos. Make sure you prepare the location of your future CoolCube™.
  • If you have little to none experience with ice baths and Cold Therapy, start slow. Meaning, max 2 minutes submerged.
  • Although the pump is vigorously tested and safe for use, we still recommend you disconnect it from your power-supply as to avoid unnecessary risk of injury.
  • Again; study Cold Therapy before you start practicing.
The Coolcubes are not designed to be exposed to the elements year-round. In fair-weather contditions having the unit outside is no problem, but exposure to heavy rain, mud or freezing temperatures during winter is not recommended. The Coolcubes are delivered with a -very minimlistic- plastic cover which can be used to for some protection from the rain. 
  • BTU Cooling - 18500
  • BTU Heating - 18000
  • Temp Min - 0
  • Temp Max - 38
  • Interface Size (mm) - 32
  • Dimensions (mm) - 730*400*580
  • Interface Size (Inch) - 1 1/4
  • Dimension (Inch) - 27.7*15.7*22.8
  • Rated Current (* Ampere) - 6.5 – 7.5
  • Minimum Flow Liters/Hour - >4000
  • Weight - 35 Kg

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