Choosing the right cooler for your needs can significantly enhance your cold therapy experience. Khione offers a range of CoolCube coolers, each designed to meet different requirements, from personal use to professional settings. This guide aims to help you compare our models and make an informed decision.

CoolCube Models Overview

CoolCube C1

  • Ideal for: Personal use, small tubs.
  • Capacity: Up to 250 liters.
  • Features: Compact design, energy-efficient, quick cooling.
  • Weight: Light, easy to move without wheels.

CoolCube C2

  • Ideal for: Medium-sized setups, frequent use.
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 liters.
  • Features: Enhanced cooling power, supports moderate volumes, optional heating function.
  • Weight: Moderate, manageable for regular adjustments.

CoolCube C3

  • Ideal for: Professional use, large tubs.
  • Capacity: Up to 2500 liters.
  • Features: Powerful cooling and heating up to 35°C, robust build.
  • Weight: 42 kg, stationary setup recommended.
  • Sanitization: Compatible with external pump sets featuring built-in sanitization.

CoolCube C4

  • Ideal for: Commercial use, multiple tubs.
  • Capacity: Largest capacity exceeding 2500 liters.
  • Features: Maximum cooling efficiency, suitable for back-to-back use, advanced temperature control.
  • Weight: Heavy, designed for permanent installations.

Making Your Choice

When selecting a CoolCube cooler, consider the following:

  • Volume Needs: Match the cooler’s capacity with your tub’s size.
  • Mobility: Smaller models are easier to move if needed.
  • Heating Requirements: If you also need heating, choose models with dual functionality.
  • Usage Frequency: Professional and commercial models are built for frequent, intensive use.


Whether you’re a cold therapy enthusiast or a professional spa owner, there’s a CoolCube model tailored to your needs. Review the features, capacity, and intended use to find your perfect match.

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