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  • CoolTub Pack

    Elevate your wellness journey with the Khione CoolTub Pack, meticulously crafted for those who seek a superior cold therapy experience. This comprehensive set offers unparalleled convenience and advanced technology, ensuring an invigorating ice bath session every time. The centerpiece of this premium package is its customizable cooling power, featuring three possible state-of-the-art CoolCube chillers.
    €2,640.00 – €2,990.00
  • CoolCubeDIY Ice-Bath pack

    Step into a world of refreshing transformation with the CoolCube DIY Icebath Pack, the ultimate kit for those looking to integrate the art of cold therapy into their daily regimen. This kit is ingeniously designed to empower you to effortlessly transform any standard bath or tub into a sophisticated, temperature-controlled ice bath oasis, cooling down to a crisp 0 degrees Celsius and warming up to a soothing 35 degrees Celsius.
    €1,926.00 – €2,700.00
  • CoolCube+ Submersible Pump

    Experience the pinnacle of convenience in cold therapy with the CoolCube + Submersible Pump, a revolutionary cooling and heating system designed to transform your wellness routine. Whether you’re an athlete seeking faster recovery, a wellness enthusiast exploring the benefits of cold therapy, or simply someone looking for a refreshing way to relax, the CoolCube + Submersible Pump offers a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. Available in four distinct models (C1, C2, C3, and C4), each variant is crafted to cater to varying capacities and preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect CoolCube for everyone.
    €1,637.00 – €2,459.00
  • Dipper with CoolCube

    The Khione Dipper Ice Bath, now combined with the innovative CoolCube Chiller, offers an unmatched cold therapy experience. This comprehensive set, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, provides you with the convenience and efficiency of a high-quality inflatable bath and a powerful cooling system, capable of chilling water down to 1°C for the most invigorating ice bath sessions.
    €1,987.00 – €2,437.00
  • Khione Dipper

    The Khione Dipper Ice Bath combines the best in cold water therapy technology, offering an invigorating experience that renews both your body and mind. Designed for optimal muscle recovery and holistic well-being, this ice bath is your ideal companion for post-workout recovery or a relaxing end to a sauna session.
    €114.00 €95.00
  • Replacement Filter

    Replacement filter for the External pump, which is part of the C2 Ready to go Pack, C3 Ready to Go Pack, and Khione Plunge. The filter in this pump needs replacement after an approximate month of use to ensure optimal efficiency of the CoolCube chiller and keep your water clean.
    €7.14 €5.95
  • Cartridge Filter Pump

    The cartridge filter pump allows you to keep your ice bath clean. This happens automatically when cooling is used, but even if the coolcube is not in cooling mode, you can use this pump to filter the water. The filter pump filters out all the dirt, so you can enjoy your ice bath carefree.
    €260.00 €220.00
  • Khione Trog

    Embark on your cold therapy journey with unparalleled comfort and durability. The Khione TROG Ice Bath sets a new standard for outdoor cold immersion, offering a level of quality and comfort that surpasses traditional steel stock tanks.
    €462.00 €385.00
  • Khione Plunge

    Elevate your cold therapy experience with the ultimate luxury of the Khione Plunge, a harmonious integration of our advanced CoolCube Ice Bath Cooler and the robust TROG ice bath. Designed for convenience without compromise, the Khione Plunge offers immediate access to a full range of cold immersion therapy, with temperature settings between 0 and 35°C.
    €2,057.00 – €2,507.00
  • New! CoolPillow

    The world first water cooled pillow

    3 year warranty

    10 year life-cycle assuming daily use

    The Khione CoolPillow is the ideal solution for getting solid nights of sleep during those hot nights times of the year. Never twist and turn in order to find a new cool spot to rest your head. The CoolPillow consists of an ultra silent cooling unit combined with a cooling pillow insert available in various sizes to fit your pillow.
    €622.00 – €747.00
  • Khione CoolTub

    Take your ice bathing experience to the next level with the lightweight and ultra durable khione CoolTub. Lightweight enough to be carried and transported in the included backpack, but made to last ages using the latest techniques and materials. The bath has been designed to optimally maintain the temperature of the water in it, leading to greatly improved efficiency and speed when used in combination with a CoolCube. The bath can of course be used in combination with a CoolCube ice bath cooler, but using it without a cooler is possible as well. When inflated the CoolTub is rock hard and sturdy, giving it that distinct high quality look and feel.
    €975.00 €813.00