In the exciting world of professional cycling, where every second counts, athletes are perpetually looking for that extra edge in performance and recovery. We witnessed something utterly fascinating recently at the Tour de France, which may not be as flashy as a sprint finish but could be just as impactful in the grand scheme of a race.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Yates Takes a Cool Dip

Imagine this. You’re among the group of journalists and fans, eagerly waiting near the team buses after a grueling stage of the Tour de France that finishes atop La Super Planche des Belles Filles. Among the riders, Tadej Pogačar has just won the stage, but it’s not him who captures your attention. It’s Adam Yates of the Ineos Grenadiers who’s making headlines—but not for crossing the finish line first. Instead, he’s caught everyone’s eyes for a different reason. He’s taking an ice bath.

After coming ninth in stage seven, losing 29 seconds plus a 10-second bonus to the race leader, Yates didn’t head for the usual shower on the bus or hop onto a turbo trainer for a warm-down like his teammate Geraint Thomas. No, he opted for a cold bath. On a scorching day in eastern France, with temperatures soaring over 24 degrees Celsius, the decision seemed both unexpected and absolutely brilliant.

The Why and How of Yates’ Chill-Out Session

Yates has a history of struggling in extreme heat. Remember the 2018 Tour de France? The heat played a role in him losing valuable time. This year, he’s leaving no stone unturned, which includes prioritizing immediate cooling post-stage.

Rod Ellingworth, Ineos’ deputy team principal, clarified: “He always tries to cool himself down as soon as he can, so he does a pretty good job with it. It’s one of the logistical challenges of trying to move these things around.”

Enter the CoolTub and CoolCube: The Future of Ice Bathing in Cycling

While what Yates used might be a bit more rudimentary, imagine if he had access to something even better? This brings us to our star products, the CoolTub and CoolCube. Unlike inflatable baths that are more like paddling pools, the CoolTub offers a luxurious yet practical ice bath experience. And it isn’t just for professional cyclists; anyone aiming for better physical recovery can use it.

Even better? The CoolCube ensures that the water remains at your desired temperature, maintaining optimal conditions for muscle recovery, making it an indispensable companion to the CoolTub.

The Uptrend of Ice Baths in Professional Cycling

Yates is no anomaly; he’s part of a growing trend. More and more professional cyclists are turning to ice baths for recovery. And why wouldn’t they? The benefits range from immediate cooling, as in the case of Yates, to quicker muscle recovery and less soreness, all of which can be critical in a long, demanding race like the Tour de France.

If you want to optimize your training and recovery regimen like a pro, you need to seriously consider integrating ice baths into your routine. And what better way to do that than with the CoolTub and CoolCube?

So, whether you’re a professional cyclist or someone who’s just passionate about fitness, if immediate cooling and muscle recovery sound good to you, it’s high time you take the plunge — quite literally!
Happy cooling! 🚴‍♂️❄️